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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Halfway Milestone, A Look Back

So I have hit the 256 pound mark, 50 pounds lost, 50 pounds to hit my goal, and 233 days to get there. On October 1st 2010 I started my journey, the journey to a healthier me, a fitter me, my journey to live for my girls. My journey, in the beginning was to lose 100 pounds by November 1st 2011, it has changed a little since the beginning. At first I was relying on mainly diet, counting calories and macronutrients, with exercise thrown in the mix. The weight loss was quick at first, and has since slowed down to about 2 pounds a week. The majority of the benefits did not present themselves on the scale, they had a subtle way of slipping in. I started noticing my clothes being baggy, I could fit into things I had not worn in a few years. I can now shop at normal stores and not in the big and tall sections. My energy levels increased, I am down to only 1 cup of coffee in the morning. Most importantly I can chase my girls around and play like no one is watching. I don't care if I get laughed at by cars driving by when I try and jump rope with my girls. Or people laugh when I skip through the store with a giggling girl on both arms! Life is good!
I have started down a new path with my fitness and it hurts oh so good. I have been doing CrossFit for two weeks now at a local gym, CrossFit 5280. I have been initiated into the CF family and according to Laura it could be borderline obsession. The whole basis of CF really appeals to me, the competition and sense of family, the gym is awesome!
I want to thank everyone for support and encouragement! I still have a long road to go! I will not be stepping on the scale again until my birthday on April 30th. One side effect of CrossFit is to be replacing body fat with muscle. I don't want to beat myself up to hard about numbers on the scale and focus on performing on my workouts! Semper Fidelis!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Real Fun Starts Tomorrow

So I completed my on-ramp sessions for CrossFit. I spent the entire week sore but pumped from the workouts. On Saturday I completed my first "Fran" workout in 9 minutes, 31 seconds. The workout consisted of 3 rounds of squat thrusters followed by pull-ups, 21 reps then 15 reps and finally 9 reps. It was hard and I was not able to complete it at the prescribed weight or without assistance on the pullups, but I did complete it. After the workout I was kind of hard on myself because I believed I could do it better. Then I got to thinking, this is only the start of my journey, I have not lifted weights seriously since 2000. The first 5 months of my journey was spent on the elliptical and treadmill for long period of times. The physical strength that I once had will come back. One goal I have set is to bring my level of fitness to a level I have never known. The only way that I can ensure that this goal sees the light of day is to ensure that I am physically able to continue on my journey. If I push myself to hard and hurt myself then everything I have worked so hard for will come crashing down. So I have to be smart and listen to my body.
I am 3 pounds away from hitting my 50 pound loss mark, this is huge! I will keep the blog updated on my progress!

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