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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Change Now, Goals Evolved

I recently read a pretty good opinion piece from http://crossfitlisbeth.com/ that was titled “Time to Do” that pretty much sums up my thoughts on New Year’s Resolutions. Like the caveat in the article, if resolutions work for you then use them as a tool for change. If you constantly find yourself cheating, or downright breaking, your resolutions then you should probably find another tool set to use on your journey. In my last post I talked about some of the tools that I am utilizing on my journey for 2012. Those tools being as follows: Regular updates to this blog with candid evaluations of my performance, the motivational goal setting index cards, and the tools of friendship and coaching through my family at http://www.crossfit5280.com/ . Through this I plan on having an exceptional year, a year that I am calling “The Year of Strength!” I do need to take a couple of lines for a small rant. 5280 is putting on a “Challenge to Change” for the New Year and I think that this is an awesome idea. It has been really well thought out for the most part, and it is being presented very well. I believe that it will hold athletes accountable for at least 6 weeks during the transformational challenge. After that hopefully the majority of us will stick with the change and not revert back to unhealthier ways. I do have one small issue with the challenge, and this might have been a little hard to do with such a large group or it might be a little to personnel to put out there. This issue stems from a couple of comments that I have heard, and they are comments that I myself made when I was embarking upon my journey. The comments basically have the form of “You want me to give up what?” or “I have always done it this way, it is just who I am.” These comments bring a very large question to my mind, that question is “Why do you want to change anyway?” Until you can look yourself in the mirror, which by the way I am actually now able to do with pride, and explain to your true self why you want to change; there is little use of the challenge. I am not an expert or life coach, I am just a person who has been at the bottom and am still fighting my way back up. My little piece of advice for those of us who are stepping up to the challenge is to start by defining your goals and defining your purpose for being on this journey. My purpose is to live for my girls, to be there for my wife, to be a hero to my daughters, to be an inspiration to everyone I meet, to be able to protect my friends and family in any situation, to be faster, better, and to be stronger than I was yesterday. What is your purpose? Ok, I know I said that this was going to be a small rant, but I have one more thing that I want to throw out there. I will not be fully participating in the gym’s challenge. By that I mean that I will put my money in the pot, I will be keeping my journal up to date, I will follow the nutritional guidelines, and I will follow any additional guidelines to the best of my ability. What I won’t be doing is stepping on the scale or getting measured, that will put me out of the running for the end prize and I fully accept that. You may ask why and make the statement that after 2011 this would be right up my alley. Well it is not, the scale and tape measure came very close to derailing my journey last year and I am not prepared to face them yet. Like I said earlier I am just now getting comfortable with looking at myself in the mirror and I am not mentally prepared to go beyond that yet. I know that I have body image issues and I know that I will have to face them, but not this Saturday and not during this challenge. Ok my small rant is done, now on to the real reason you are reading this post. 2012 Fitness Goals, drum roll please, my 2012 goals are to get stronger. I will become stronger physically and stronger mentally. Currently my max C&J is sitting at 164 pounds (74kg) and my max snatch is 115 pounds (52kg). By the time I compete in October in the 2012 FRCF Fall Weightlifting meet I am training for a C&J of 240 pounds (109kg) and a snatch of 200 pounds (91kg). I am confident that the rest of my lifts will go up as well, but these are the two lifts that I am focusing on in 2012. In addition to my OLY lifting goals I do have some gymnastic and CrossFit movement goals and those are as follows: handstand pushups, double unders, C2B pull-ups, running, and a number of others that keep me from performing workouts as prescribed. I am going to treat these as secondary goals from my lifting benchmarks. You might notice, if you are paying attention, that mountain biking events and goals are absent thus far from my list of goals. I am not giving up mountain biking, but I am also not focusing on it. Biking will be for recreation and fun as a sport. Yes this is a drastic change from last year, but it is my life and I have rediscovered a passion of lifting heavy weights. I have cut back my events for the summer of 2012 from 5-6 endurance events to 1 endurance event. I will be running the Tough Mudder June 9th with the CF5280 team. Other than that the only other event I am training for is the OLY lifting meet at FRCF. If I get recruited (read roped in) for any other team events it will be on a case by case basis and will be because I am worthy. So here it is on the internet, my fitness goals for 2012. Let me know what you think!

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