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Thursday, June 30, 2011

DNF is not DNS

I apologize first for the long post, but I have a rant. My name is Bruce and I DNF'd the WOD today. I didn't complete the pull-ups or K2E, I reopened a tear on my right hand. That aside, I listened to my body and quit. A quote from an awesome person got me to thinking "It's not worth it." You know what it is not, there is a fine line between pain and discomfort. Discomfort you can push through because it is temporary and the nature of the WOD, pain is one inflicting harm and injury on ones body. Sure pain can be fixed by working on your form, decreasing intensity, or rest to heal. Know this if you push through the pain and injure yourself that is a stupid act, it's not brave or courageous, it is stupid. The WOD is not the same as pulling your brother out of a burning vehicle or saving someones life it is a workout. We all have our own reasons for stepping into the box everyday, we all want to get better, faster, stronger, and maybe work a little on our LGN goals. We step into the box, look at the board and do what we have to in order to accomplish our part of this life's journey. That is just it we show up. So next time you feel that pinch, listen to your body, listen to your trainer, drop the weight and not RX, or just quit. Did Not Finish is not the same as Did Not Showup. I might have another DNF tomorrow but dammit I am going to show up. Life is a marathon, it is not about the individual steps, it is the distance that counts!

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