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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Long but good Saturday

It has been a good day. Yesterday was interesting, I forgot my lunch, had a wedding, and had my first introduction of trying to stick to a diet while eating out. It went alright, I was only over by 300 calories total for the whole day. In hind sight I should have made that my free day, but I had it in my mind that today was my free day off the diet. Surprisingly I stuck to my diet until it came to dinner and the only "extras" where two pieces of bacon, 2 links of sausage, and a Dr. Pepper can. You know what I could have done without it all. Tomorrow I am back to the approved foods list and working out. We will see what the scale has to say on Monday night. We did go on a walk to the park today and played with the girls. I did find the bulk food section of Sprouts natural market today, and they had wasabi peas!!! My wife is the best, she is totally into helping me out with everything from diet to working out to motivating me! A hui hou!

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  1. You are doing an amazing job in keeping with your plan. I am so proud of you honey:) the girls are so very proud of you