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Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is the use?

So I stepped on the scale this morning fully expecting to see some positive results. I worked out 6 days last week with the minimum calorie count of 650 calories burned. I was under everyday on my food intake, good balance of protein, carbs, and fat. So you can imagine my surprise when I stepped on the scale and had gained a half pound, so I am sitting at 269 pounds.
That totally put a damper on my mood, what the heck. What is all of this for? So I guess I need to take another look at my food intake and lower the fat and carb intake. Maybe look at my workouts and step it up, my body isn't burning the fat as it should.
Or do I just say screw it and go back to being fat. I did notice at least two nights last week that I just about passed out in my chair from being tired. My body feels fine, my blood sugar is normal, my blood pressure is high normal. I do feel stressed, and this doesn't help, and I know that I eat when I am stressed. Dinner tonight was evidence of that, stuffed French toast! Now I feel guilty, I promises my girls that I would take them for ice cream if they got their stuff cleaned up. I don't want to break my promise, but I mentally am beating myself up. Oh well, bad days are going to happen! The important thing is to learn from it!

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  1. Well, aren't you gaining muscle mass as well? That's heavier than fat.