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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Because I Can!

So whenever you hear of someone undertaking any life challenge or experience you always hear the "Why are you doing that?" question. Or you get the naysayer's who say something to the effect of "Why would anyone ever want to do that?" or "That is to hard, you can't do that!" This can be anything from running the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash, Spartan Race, a marathon, a triathalon, or an iron man. or it can even be a life adventure like wintering in Alaska or traveling to stay at the Ice hotel. Well my answer to anyone who tells me I can't do something is first "Screw You! Who are you to tell me what I can and can't do?" then the civil part of me kicks in and I try to explain why I have the motivation to do this. Well enough of that I do not have to explain myself to anyone, except my wife, I don't have to justify my dreams to anyone! My answer from now on will first be "I am going to do (insert awesome goal) because I can, and I am sorry if my dreams don't conform to your limited thought of normal!" I am fully convinced that I can do anything that I put my mind to, I can accomplish any goal I set for myself, I can conquer any adventure my mind can dream up! So to all my friends out there who are following your dreams, jamming to your own tune, running at your own pace let me hear your voice! We do these things simply because we can!
So I am almost half way in my weightloss goal, my diet is very healthy, my body is adapting to a new level of fitness, and I am extremely happy! Do I sit back and ride this wave? Hell No! It is time to step it up, set additional life goals, bring my mind body and spirit to a whole new level! So I am tweaking my diet to a more clean living diet, I am starting Crossfit at a small AWESOME gym called Crossfit5280, and I am adding challenges to my adventure list. I am going to run the Tough Mudder, the Warrior Dash, and the Spartan Race! I am going to run a triathlon, mountain bike across the country, and climb all 14ers in Colorado! These are just a few items I have added to the list! I am going to be the best husband possible, I am going to be a Daddy and hero to my girls, and I am going to put my family first! Semper Fidelis!
I do want to thank some special people who have helped me on the first half of my journey! Lisa and Peter, you guys are the best friends Laura and I can have! Scott and Cari, you guys are solid as any rock, thank you for your listening and support! Jen and Ben, the laughter you bring to our lives is very appreciated, the energy you bring into any room is amazing! Dave and TC, thank you for the kick in the ass to straighten out my priorities, your motivation to follow my dreams is amazing! Brent, thank you for keeping me honest and making work easier to deal with! All the children, the unconditional love and laughter is amazing! Most of all to Laura, my rock, my best friend! Thank you all!

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