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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Blame The Angry Birds

Ok I know that it has been a whole week since I have posted. No I am not on travel again, no I have not fallen off the wagon, and no I have not given up on my journey. So what has been keeping me from posting and keep up the myriad of followers on my progress you ask. Well two things and been dominating my free time, one my wonderful family and two a mindless game on my iPhone, blasted Angry Birds. In order for me to fall asleep at night I must actively shut down my brain. If I do something that requires thought and concentration then I have the hardest time getting my mind to shut up. So I have a ritual where I play a mindless game as a sign for my brain to relax and let sleep overcome me. Oddly enough posting on my blog right before bed does not signal a sleep cycle in me, I keep thinking of new and exciting things to post about. That being said after the workout and girl scout cookie sorting that i have been helping with I will have no issue falling asleep tonight.
So what has gone on the past week? I lost another pound, so I am down to 263 pounds as of Saturday. I know it is not on my 2 pound a week schedule but it is progress in the correct direction! I checked out a couple of CrossFit gyms in town and found one that I really like, I start my ramp up sessions on Saturday! My good friend/brother Cody Carroll turned me on to CrossFit as a way to ramp up what I am already doing. Honestly 90 minutes on one of the Machienes is getting really boring and my body is adapting to it. So I am going to change things up a bit. I am going to tweak my diet and ramp up my workouts. I will keep the blog posted on my findings with the new gym!
I am so looking forward to stepping on the scale this Saturday, I have a really good feeling about the weight! So good night y'all and remember to Thank a vet and support our troops!

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